Services are provided in conjunction with proven methods to reduce risk and accelerate growth during all company build phases. We understand and appreciate the efforts and decisions owners must make to grow your company while minimizing cash burn. We would like you to experience the same high levels of success that we have as you transform your ideas into highly successful businesses.
  • Executive Mentoring
  • Strategic and tactical planning
  • Industry expertise
  • Functional expertise
  • Value engineering
  • Strategic alliance
  • Birch Creek 6 phase business development model implementation


    At times you may need more than mentoring- you need experts. We understand this and maintain a stable of over 30 experts to call upon for specific assignments including:


    Birch Creek Capital (BCC) provides early stage (pre-revenue startups), emerging companies, and growth stage companies a variety of equity funding and debt financing. We utilize a network of accredited Angel investors, private wealth networks, family offices and venture funds for equity capital funding and a variety of institutional sources for debt financing.



    Using Angel and private wealth networks, BCC facilitates equity funding through a network of accredited investors interested in investing into dynamic startups. Each company is evaluated on a combination of upside valuation potential and their risk profile and then matched to interested investors.



    As companies become profitable and start to grow, equity capital from private wealth network investors and family offices are typically applied for equity funding. Typically, this is referred to as A stage funding. Many times, these companies are best suited to use a combination of equity funding and debt financing, in-which BCC orchestrates institutional financing.



    As companies hit their stride and experience growth, series B & C equity funding is deployed from family offices and venture funds as appropriate. Debt financing often parallels these funding activities and catapults the companies to market dominant positions.

    Company Phases

    After over 30 years of building companies from the ground up, we have refined a company development model that has proven to be the shortest path to success. It is graphically depicted as a 6 phase pipe. Using this model and Birch Creek support modules, you can be assured that your growth can be optimized in the shortest period of time regardless of the phase or condition of your business at time of engagement.
  • Idea to exit and all phases between. Utilize highly effective 6 phase build model. You can quickly identify exactly what state your business is at and quickly develop strategic and tactical plans for optimized growth.
  • Startups, rapid growth, turn-around, flatlined companies seeking growth are effectively developed using this business development program.
  • 1. Concepts / Idea
    2. Proof of Business
    3. Development
    4. Growth
    5. Replication / Expansion
    6. Exit

    Tools and Build Modules We Use

    The best crafts people use the best tools maintained and optimized for their craft. We are no different and we encourage you to embrace the same philosophy. Over 30 years we have not only honed our business building skills but also, built and improved on the tools we use.

    Birch Creek Partners are compensated by sharing business risk and rewards. We receive an expense fee and a small percentage of value enhancement as your company grows and increases in value. In this manner, our objectives match yours and we are successful as a result of your success. A true win-win situation!


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